"Technical visits of trainees to innovative companies of the Science and Technology Park of Epirus participating in the pilot action of the ILONET project of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Ioannina"

In the framework of the project "Fostering capacities and networking of industrial liaison offices, exploitation of research results and business support (ILONET)" (InterregV-A) EL-IT - Greece-Italy 2014-20, trainees / researchers in February 2020 visited companies that operate in the infrastructure of the Science and Technology Park of Epirus (STEPE) in order to exchange experiences, knowledge and practices.
Initially, Mr. Georgiou Ioannis, Member of the Council Board described the role, mission, facilities, infrastructure and services of the Epirus Science and Technology Park. Essentially, STEPE operates as an "Incubator" for start-up companies in Epirus, where small but upcoming companies aim to promote innovation in collaboration with research institutes to develop new products and services. Currently, 21 companies are located in the Incubator of STEPE.
Then Ms. Batsi Giouli, Head of the Regional Office of the Industrial Property Organization of Ioannina presented the process of copyright and patents and the importance of doing so when there is indeed an innovative idea.
The trainees had the opportunity to ask their questions, discuss their ideas and be informed about the next future plans and steps that could follow, from existing start-ups, which implement many important research projects in collaboration with the University of Ioannina:
  1. "Neuronenergy"
Mr. Katertsidis Nikolaos, Legal Representative describes that Neuron Energy Solutions is a start-up company, active in the field of smart information systems for renewable energy installations. Adopting advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and internet (Web 2.0) techniques, it has developed the innovative SolarEye photovoltaic monitoring and management platform. The SolarEye platform as a virtual energy engineer constantly monitors each PV installation, and allows the fast detection and evaluation of faults, as well as the estimation of the expected production in real time.
  1. "Infocape" ( Business of the month)
The company is active in the field of health services and aims mainly at providing technological and innovative solutions to private health care providers. In the first stage, the company relies on the installation and maintenance of NetMed360, a patient management platform, which it has developed in collaboration with Cyprus Infocape LTD in radiology clinics, as well as in the provision of software to the partner company.