Who we are

  Did you know that during the last decades the mission of Universities and public research centres has increasingly shifted towards a more attentive consideration of the valorisation of research results and their impact on the local economy? As a matter of fact: Technology Transfer (TT) has become a key activity of Public Research Entities (PREs), which often provide TT related services through a dedicated office and skilled personnel. However, while this process is well established in more advanced countries, southern Europe‚Äôs universities are often lag in their ability to effectively contribute to the competitiveness of the local companies. The economies of Italy and Greece are characterized from small and medium industries, which are today increasingly exposed to global competition and are therefore pressed to innovate their products, production processes, organizations and marketing strategies at a much higher pace than before. In this framework, the role of organisms devoted to Technology Transfer connected to enterprise development is a key to strengthen regional competitive system. Ilonet addresses the common challenge to apply, valorise and transfer research technological results and knowledge produced in Universities and Research Organizations, in favour of youth entrepreneurs and the creation of new innovative SMEs. It aims to create a cross-border network of ILOs, Industrial Liaison Offices, whose role is the technological transfer and incubation paths for supporting the development and growth of existing small and medium enterprises.