The University of Patras is the third largest University in Greece concerning the size of students potential, the faculty members, administrative personnel, number of departments, and accredited students titles.

Among the main objectives of the University of Patras is the creation and application of knowledge through scientific research and collaboration with international institutions. University’s research activity is supported by its workforce (faculty members, postgraduate and undergraduate students, postdoc researchers etc.) and the state of the art infrastructure (laboratories, clinics, computers, experimental scientific instruments etc.) and represents the major factor for the improvement of Education and Learning.

The University of Patras has a reputation for quality and innovative research and presents an effective participation in a plethora of research projects, scientific organizations, and research groups.  The University of Patras demonstrates a remarkable research activity and a reputation for quality and innovative research. Its faculty members are very active in publishing their research results and groundbreaking achievements in international scientific journals of the highest quality. This research publication record serves as a key criterion considered for granting tenure and promotion.

University of Patras