•  The Ionian University (IU) was founded in 1984 and is located in the island of Corfu, Greece. During the past twenty five years, IU has shown remarkable growth and progress, with new academic departments. A modern and dynamic institution, the Ionian University at present comprises of five academic faculties and a large variety of postgraduate programmes all of which stand out for their distinctive cultural, research and educational character. The current five faculties are:

    • Faculty of History & Translation-Interpreting
    • Faculty of Information Science & Informatics 
    • Faculty of Music & Audiovisual Arts
    • Faculty of Environmental Sciences         
    • Faculty of Economic Sciences

      In Ilonet project, the IU is represented by the department of Informatics of the Faculty of Information Science & Informatics. In the last decade, the department of Informatics has participated in many research programs (Interreg Greece-Italy, Interreg Greece-Albania, H2020, IPA Adriatic, Greek National, etc). The Department of Informatics deals with theoretical and practical aspects of the Science of Informatics. The Department’s mission is to advance scientific and research activities relating to the design, use, applications and implications of information technology. The Department is clearly focused on novel applications in the areas of Information Systems and Humanistic Informatics. On one hand, Information Systems are crucial in production, services and management in enterprises, while on the other hand, the direction of Humanistic Informatics addresses the need for education and research within the area of Informatics. The Ionian University’s Research Committee (IURC) was founded in 1988 and its role is to manage the funds that IU receives.  The IURC manages funds that come from any source and are intended to cover the expenses necessary for the implementation of research, educational, training, development, development projects as well as other related services or activities that help link education and research with production. Since its establishment, the IURC has implemented, and is currently implementing, over 250 research projects and educational programs funded by the European Commission, International Organizations, the General Secretariat for Research and Technology, ministries, banks, organizations of the wider public sector, as well as by private entities. An indicative total budget of the projects for the last five years was € 4.5 million.

Ionian University (IU)